Hello Pastor,
Too often, many Christians never walk in the complete Victory that Jesus paid the price for them to have. We wrote a book called “Enforcing Our Victory” and have preached that message in our church, community, and through our media outreaches that led to 50 days of revival meetings from Easter to Pentecost in 2021 where we saw many amazing miracles by the Grace of God.
The Lord has put it on our hearts that now is the time to go to other churches and have a “Victory Night” to remind the Body that we have the Victory In Him.  What’s a “Victory Night”? It’s setting apart one extra night of the week for the purpose of putting our focus on the Lord in Worship, preaching a Victorious Word, and contending for the Miraculous.
Pastor, we pay ALL of our expenses and give away a digital copy of one our books to bless everyone who attends the service. We will also do targeted social media advertising in your area to help you have a successful event. We make no financial requirements of your church and have no set fees. We do ask to receive a free will offering in each service to help fund all of the outreach ministry that the Lord has us involved in. Right now, would you please take a moment and pray that the Lord will direct you regarding this ministry. If you are led to contact us, we pray that hosting this “Victory Night” in your church will help us all in “Enforcing Our Victory” every day.
James & Cathie Hightshoe

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